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Rotterdam World Gateway goes remote

The new Maasvlakte II terminal operated by the DP World will, like its neighbour APM Terminals, operate its STS cranes with ABB remote control technology

APM Terminals previously disclosed that it will operate its 25-wide, 50m lift height cranes at Maasvlakte II without a driver on board. As previously discussed in WorldCargo News, the cranes will first be fitted out with Merford cabs and tested first semi-automatically ("end conditions" under on-board driver cotrol) and then fully automatically (all operations including "end conditions" under remote operator control) prior to shipping to Rotterdam. If all goes well, the cabs will be taken off the cranes and shipped to and stored separately in Rotterdam for redundancy purposes.

It has now been disclosed that RWG is taking a similar route as regards its similar-sized STS cranes, as ABB has just reported from Switzerland "that the new Maasvlakte II container terminals will be first in Europe to operate without a driver on board...ABB’s delivery will enable the cranes to be operated remotely, without a driver on board, for improved overall efficiency."

“These projects underscore the need for fast and cost-effective container handling, and how the latest automation technologies can be applied to dramatically increase efficiency as a response to higher productivity requirements,” said Veli-Matti Reinikkala, head of ABB’s process automation division.


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