ATLAS CONCORS Company in partnership with lending institutions offering bank financing of commercial transactions

We offer transactions bank financing with various trade groups, which have a wide market of realization and predictable liquidity.


The Bank finances:

1 Purchasing of goods intended for export;
2 Goods stored in the warehouse;
3 Goods in transit;
4 Payment deferments to the buyer for the delivered goods.

 Terms of financing of each project are unique. We offer solutions to reduce the currency risk, commodity price changes, as well as solutions for insurance of receivables.


Basic conditions of trade finance:

o Recommended amount: from EUR 500 000;
o Term of Loan: 3 - 12 months;
o Interest rate: 7% * per annum;
o The proportion of funding: 50 - 90% * of goods value.

* Depending on the risk assessment


Priority products and commodity groups:

o metals;
o cotton;
o sugar;
o petrochemical products;
o wheat and other cereals;
o fertilizers;
o carbon;
o food frozen (meat, fish, poultry).


1 Financing goods intended for export


The customer enters into a contract for the purchase of goods. If the contract provides advance payment to the supplier, the bank shall provide funding after receiving a bank guarantee to refund prepaid on contract or letter of credit from the agreed bank.


2 Financing goods in stock


Customer makes the purchase of goods and places it on the agreed with the bank stock. The Bank provides financing after receiving confirmation letter from the warehouse that they receive goods. Warehouse provides storage of the goods, while at the same time, ensuring the interests of the bank.


3 Financing against pledge of goods in transit


Customer makes the purchase of goods and ensures its delivery. The Bank provides financing after receipt of shipping documents evidencing the goods shipment.

Issued loan funds must be returned to the bank as the goods arrive at the final destination, or before receiving the goods from the warehouse in case that the goods are placed on the agreed customs warehouse.


4 Financing deferred payment from buyers


Customer delivers goods to the buyer under the contract, which provides deferred payment. The Bank provides funding for the time of delay of payment receipt from the buyer for the goods delivered.

Buyer’s responsibility on the payment is confirmed by guarantee letter from the agreed bank, or the risk of non-payment by the buyer may be insured by a specialized insurer.

Financing of deferred payment, depending on the individual case may be in the form of factoring or credit line.


Basic requirements for the client (borrower) and to the parameters of funded operation:

o Client’s experience in trading goods at least 1 year;
o Stable financial position of the client;
o Client's participation in the financing of goods - 10-50%;
o Goods must be liquid and have a shelf life at least 12 months;
o organization of control over purchases goods from the Atlas Concors